Michael Huffman is a Yoga For Skin teacher, a Bali retreat leader and the author of:

Zen Skin Care - Clearing Eczema Without Steroids & Caring For Sensitive Skin   

Yoga for Office Professionals

Airplane Yoga

Michael's skin issues started when he was a boy. The eczema on his hands and feet kept him from many activities young kids enjoy, which in turn affected his anxiety level. Career-wise, he spent twenty-five years at some of the largest organizations in corporate America as an internal auditor and process redesign expert. Michael's goal was to then use the same root cause and process analysis toolsets he was using at work in his personal life, to clear his eczema. Intuitively, he knew that the steroidal immunosuppressive creams prescribed by dermatologists were not the long-term solution. 

Trying to help ophthalmologists figure out why he nearly went blind on a train traveling through Germany, Michael searched for and found his biological parents at the age of twenty-eight. They introduced him to the concept that there's a strong correlation between diet and physical health. After initial success in clearing his skin issue by incorporating his newfound parents' dietary suggestions, Michael spent seventeen years in the world of all things yoga and meditation to reduce the anxiety related to his skin problem and he became a yoga teacher in 2009.

Over the decades, Michael researched sensitive skin issues with all types of alternative medical professionals scattered around the globe. Learning how skin worked along the way, he discovered the secret to making his own skin happy. Having beautiful skin has become his passion - his lifestyle revolves around taking care of his skin. His skin is happiest when teaching yoga at home in Paris and in Bali, finding the finest chocolate available in France, and learning how to make healing, all-natural skin care products from traditional healers in Bali, Indonesia.

As part of healing his own eczema he created a series of twenty (20) YOGA poses that are specifically designed to heal sensitive skin issues. These are available as an on-line YOGA FOR SKIN course that contains photos, audio and written instructions to do these at home.

Michael founded The Zen Guy platform and documented the ZEN SKIN PHILOSOPHY  to share the all-natural solutions he discovered for effectively managing sensitive skin issues like eczema and dermatitis with the broader sensitive skin community.  

Contact Michael directly if you are interested in private yoga instruction via SKYPE. If you are interested in attending his classes in Paris check out his schedule below.