AIRPLANE YOGA - Yoga & Tips for Having an Enjoyable Flight

I develope the Airplane Yoga book and app series for business travelers and frequent flyer types looking for ways to make airplane travel more comfortable. These are easy-to-follow instructions for seasoned ‘road warriors’ or occasional long-distance travelers. They are for anyone new to yoga or for experienced yogis looking for yoga positions they can do on a plane. 

There are descriptions and photographs of 18 yoga positions to perform sitting in an airplane seat and 6 yoga positions to perform standing up in the galley, bathroom or exit area of a plane. Each of the 24 yoga positions has step-by-step written instructions and at least one graphic illustration demonstrating the pose. The iTunes enhanced book and the iPhone app version (not the Amazon version) also contain 24 audio tracks, one for each pose, as well as video clips for 13 of the poses.

Airplane Yoga also contains six checklists of ‘Strategies for Zen-Like Air Travel’, which include:

*      Planning tips to do 24-hours in advance of the flight

*      Packing list of ‘essential items’ for the carry-on bag

*      Breathing exercises to do on the way to the airport

*      Pre-check-in & post-security line suggestions to stay calm prior to boarding

*      Additional Boarding Gate yoga poses

*      Tips to boost comfort on board in airplane seats that were build for safety, not comfort


iBook version on iTunes 

Kindle version on Amazon 

iTunes APP version