Skin Care Product Consult

The Zen Guy will do a personal review of FIVE (5) of the skin care products you currently use and SEND YOU A REPORT that contains:

  • The EWG Skin Deep Hazard Rating for each product,
  • An Overall Score for each product based on the Frequency of Use
  • The names of THREE Replacement Products available in the marketplace that are designed for sensitive skin because they don't have any of the TOP 10 IRRITATING INGREDIENTS found in conventional skin care products.

It's simple. Click on 'ADD to CART'. Within minutes you'll receive a SKIN CARE PRODUCT EVALUATION MATRIX form via email. You fill in the NAME of the FIVE (5) products you want me to evaluate and the FREQUENCY you use them. Email that to and within 48 hours you'll receive a COMPLETED MATRIX. 

Feel free to send me photos of the product labels if you believe that would help me completing the matrix. If you'd like me to review TEN (10) products then add a quantity of TWO (2) to your shopping cart, for FIFTEEN (15) products add THREE (3), etc.

Skin Care Product Consult
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Instantly receive the SKIN CARE PRODUCT EVALUATION MATRIX form via email for The Zen Guy to evaluate FIVE (5) skin care products.

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