Michael describes how terribly wrong things can go wrong for foreigners unfamiliar with the nuances of Japanese culture. In this episode Michael describes his first and most memorable visit to a well-known, high-end onsen on the Hakone peninsula. Michael remains fascinated by the rituals at Japanese sentos and onsens i.e., the community bathing culture that's pervasive in Japan. Learn from his mistakes and laugh out loud simultaneously. True Stories are better than fiction! Entertaining and funny short stories that read like the autobiography of a crocodile, i.e. someone that has chosen a life of adventure over security. As Garrison Keillor wrote in the Paris Review, "Humor has to surprise us, otherwise it isn't funny"; Huffman surprises! His story telling has the observational savviness of David Sedaris and his material derives from life situations similar to those Augusten Borroughs has written about. An NPR podcaster wanna be, Huffman takes an Ira Glass approach to making the quirky seem palatable and funny. Whether traveling around the globe on his own or while working for a Fortune 100 company, unusual situations and people seem to find him. His editor is happy that this happens; as long as he...'takes the time to write down the stories'. Huffman says ‘yes’ to adventure and chooses to take the road less traveled. Appreciative audiences continue to applaud his bravery. His witty collections of bizarre situations are captured in approachable, casually recounted short stories. Huffman is a modern day, multi-media storyteller. Huffman, as the host of The Crocodile Monologues, writes and podcasts about seemingly diverse topics as: -following the advice of travel guru Rick Steves' book 'Europe Through the Back Door' in the 1980s, -a Florida camping disaster involving crocodiles, -encounters with a rabid monkey in Bali, -finding his artistic biological family as an adult adoptee, -coming out as gay in Corporate America, -having a car accident on the way to a wedding in the slums of Mumbai, -auditing Star-Kist tuna canneries in American Samoa, -kimono dropping incidents in (legitimate) Japanese bathhouses, -dodging elk at Banff National Park in rutting season, -studying Thai massage in a bamboo village above Chiang Mai, -getting shot at on a Corsican beach, -encountering a spell-casting black-magic Hindu priest in Bali wanting $$, -nearly falling into a vat of vinegar at an H.J. Heinz ketchup factory, and -auditing Kroger supermarket food stores for e. coli