In “The Monkey Who Licked the Hearing Aid”, he writes about his fear of monkeys while entertaining a petless vegetarian friend who insisted on visiting the monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali while living there. 

Huffman, as the host of The Crocodile Monologues, writes about seemingly diverse topics like: building a house in Bali that gets taken over by the mafia, finding his  biological family as an adult adoptee, coming out as gay in Corporate America, traveling in the slums of Mumbai, Star-Kist tuna canneries in American Samoa, Japanese bathhouses, Banff National Park in rutting season, the hills above Chiang Mai to study massage, Corsica beaches involving gun shots, Florida camping disasters involving crocodiles, Bali encountering a spell-casting black-magic priest, Canadian H.J. Heinz ketchup factory, and Kroger supermarket food stores across the U.S. 

Huffman encourages others to choose adventure over security and to ‘Live Like a Crocodile’.