Skin Yoga

WHAT IS YOGA? - Hatha yoga can be defined as body movement using focused concentration and synchronizing the movements (yoga poses) with the breath. The ancient art of yoga helps to calm the nervous system because it engages the parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga lengthens the muscles in the body, which in turn stretches the nerves themselves, resulting in a calming effect all over the body and this supports good skin health. Inverted yoga poses (where the head is below the heart) bring fresh blood to the skin, especially the face to help with patchy or dull skin issues. Twists wring out the internal organs and flush toxins from the liver into the blood stream for elimination. YOGA IS GREAT FOR SKIN!

HOW DOES YOGA CALM THE NERVOUS SYSTEM? - The act of getting into yoga poses requires focusing the mind on the body and the breath, so the constantly busy mind slows down. The required deep yogic breaths oxygenate the cells in the body, causing a detoxing effect so that the skin doesn’t need to do all the work of eliminating toxins. These very focused, bigger-than-usual breaths also exercise the diaphragm, which is a large muscle deep in the abdomen. This movement engages the parasympathetic nervous system and allows a sense of calm to settle over the body. The more regular and diligent the yoga practice is, the deeper the relaxation is for the nervous system and the healthier the skin organ is.

HOW DID YOGA HELP MY SKIN? - A big part of the eczema clearing process for me has been doing a lot of yoga. My nervous system eventually had no other choice but to relax over the 17+ years I've been doing yoga. The inversions like forward bends and twisting yoga postures bring new oxygenated blood to the pores of my skin. In general, I became more Zen as a person and over the years my skin improved. I still believe that yoga is for any body type and any age, and that anyone can get the benefits for their skin, mind and body using this ancient form of health care. 

As part of healing my own sensitive skin issues and maintaining clear skin, I created 20 SKIN YOGA poses. These techniques are taught in my SKIN YOGA ON-LINE COURSE (sign up below) that explains the simple series of forward bends, standing poses and restorative yoga poses using photos, audio and videos I recorded in Paris and Bali. I also teach SKIN YOGA poses on my Bali Retreat and in Paris workshops.

Here's a glimpse of the Skin Yoga series! To listen to a sample audio track of how to do a pose that's great for CALMING THE NERVOUS SYSTEM below is a description of how to enter Child's Pose at home. 


Skin Yoga Course - Coming Soon


Yoga Prop Recommendations

Michael recommends the following yoga props for SKIN YOGA POSES:

  • Yoga Mat, Yoga Strap, Yoga Foam Block, Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blanket, Relaxation Eye Bag